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In the Space Between we do what we can for music, art and culture in the DC – NoVa – Maryland area maintaining a thrice weekly program of performances with Indie Adams Morgan and providing planning & entertainment for Clarendon Day, Adams Morgan Day and spearheading the newly founded BeCause Festival for 2016.  We often help Touring and Local Artists connect for gigs in venues, house concerts and events and we always welcome new contacts arriving by word of mouth.

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Cody McGuire’s Solid Ground Inaugural Release

 Cody 1Cody McGuire grew up in North Carolina and got his start in music as a youngster with some help from his Grandparent’s neighbor an American Music Legend, Doc Watson. Most certainly one fine way to hear a calling and pick up some mad skills on just about anything with strings as well.  It’s been a few years and quite a few miles since this picture was taken with some pretty darn good accolades now in hand for this young songwriter accumulating the experience and knowledge required to produce a freshman studio effort appropriately titled “Solid Ground.”  Cody kindly asked us to be the first to review his work here at and as fate would have it, it’s our first ever review as well.

Solid Ground – Cody McGuire   thumbs up

All Songs by Cody McGuire
Cody McGuire – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass
Dave Mallen – Percussion, Bass, Keys
Shane Wilson – Keys
Letitia VanSant – Vocals
Jim VanCleve – Fiddle
Engineering, Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Dave Mallen at Innovation Station, Arlington, Virginia

Available May 14, 2015 on Reverbnation:

Cody launches the CD with “As Lovely As Mine” a soaring rocker filled with whirling Dylan-esque keys by Mussel Shoals Veteran Shane Wilson, Mallon adds a solid drum beat overlaid with Cody’s soft but driving vocals setting the theme of an endearing tale of fleeting love. The Americana tinged “Oh Carolina” follows depicting McGuire’s journey away from North Carolina bringing us down home with the much heralded Jim VanCleve’s elegant fiddle and VanSant’s delicate harmonies intertwined with Cody’s very capable flat picking complimented by an understated drum and cymbal shuffle from Mallen. We are familiar with Cody’s solo effort on this song both live and in video taken in DC’s Lincoln Park, we liked it at first listen and now the full band release has transformed it to carry the weight of an entire State and most worthy to become its anthem. YouTube Preview Image

The third track, “Calling Her Back Home” takes us south of the border with flamenco acoustic fingering, a percussive shuffle, and a catchy electric lead and sings about Camilla, a sultry woman from Mexico who leaves the writer with a broken heart and the haunted will to try and find her. Next up “Walk Beside Me” displays Cody’s picking skills and the return of VanSant’s harmonies for another round of recurrent loves lost and the need for companionship in order to find Solid Ground… We are then carried to Texas with “When I See Fort Worth” continuing the lovelorn theme with close knit finger picking, piano melodies and tight lyrics and onward to the final cut “When I Make Up My Mind” marking the return of Wilson’s silky whirling keys beneath a solid electric lead that lays a bed for a lyrical odyssey of life unrequited and leaving loved ones behind on the road as the finishing touch to this travelled six cut freshman effort provoking us to want more even though we’ve reached the end… You can catch a sample listen on McGuires home page ahead of the May 14 release show at DC’s Ebenezers Coffee House.

The strength of songwriting and musicianship on this first class inaugural release gives us the feeling McGuire’s exceptional journey is well under way and ready to be shared widely… Anders Thueson, Songwriters and Poets

Unleash Your Superpowers Anthem Released

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Pinczuk in early 2013 while producing entertainment for Adams Morgan Day in Washington DC.  She came to me with her story and the amazing idea that helping us find our superpowers may well be the answer to every crisis. Her chutzpah inspires so many of us to believe that she may well be on the right track. Click the Pic and support her efforts to help us unleash our superpowers and put an end to bullying.


In the follow up to her latest children’s book “The Bully Blues,” Jane with artistic help from Co-Producers Don Trunk and Chucky Thompson and talented Artists, Kanja and Uptown XO is about to release her signature song to the world. Click the Pic and experience it here and be sure to make a donation to The Music in Me Foundation International while there!